Bella & Lace

Maybe your mother made it just for you. She might've even kept it so that you can recreate the magic by seeing your own daughter wearing it.  That's the feeling Bella & Lace designer Kate Pearson, infuses into her creations - from clothes, footwear and accessories to festive garlands to beautifully adorn any bedroom.

Bella & Lace charms, delights and often surprises.  There are some eclectic flavours combined with nostalgic influences from clothes Kate wore as a child and still owns, and all blended with fashion - forward trends and vision.

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Bella & Lace Melody Crop Top Nutmeg
Bella & Lace Flora Dress - Turkish Delight
Bella & Lace Flora Dress - Biscuit
Bella & Lace Gretta Jumpsuit - Tuscan Sun
Bella & Lace Muriel Dress - Multicolour
Bella & Lace Mavis Jumper - Petal
Bella & Lace Nelly Suit - Honey
Bella & Lace Save the Bees Sweatshirt - Babe
Bella & Lace Saffron Dress - Blue Eyes
Bella & Lace Nelly Suit - White Rabbit
Bella & Lace Ziggy T Shirt Galaxy Pink-Pebble
Bella & Lace Super Star Jumper - Cashew
Bella & Lace Peachy Shorts Dandy
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